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12bb.eu Jumbo NP: 12BB Belly Boat, type JUMBO NP  is an “Extra Large Edition”  “Customized” high end Belly Boat  therefore a very strong and stabile belly boat. Manufactured out of 1.2mm thick PVC. The Belly Boat is equipped with an inflatable wide Seat with high back and an inflatable bottom on top of the already very strong standard bottom. Both seat and bottom can be moved from the boat easily and secured with Velcron.
Through the inflatable seat and bottom the Belly Boat can be used easlily in cold and heavy weather conditions.
This Belly Boat is especially engineered for big water, Sea and/or for heavy persons, or to carry extra gear like bagage, elektric motor, high capacity Battery, etc).

This Belly Boat has two floattube bags and are secured with easy snap on clips and Velcron, a front bar, front nett and bagage nett, gripps to carry the Belly Boat easily, Back straps, extra safety Rubber around the belly and at the bottom.
The Boat can be inflated by two separate air chambers and two extra chambers for bottom and seat. The Floatabillity of the Belly Boat is incredible and the highest in its class with over 250KG. (Test carried out until only 250KG).

The D-rings on the boat and hand gripps are glued with extra patches. The end of the tubes are spherical with thick round rubber patches to secure the ends. In this way the Belly Boat can be easily stored vertically. The complete boat has rubber safety strip around the boat AND underneath the floats.

Color 12BB Belly Boat, type JUMBO NP – Black
Size Belly Boat – approx. 206×125 cm
Tube diameter: 35 cm
Seat Width: 54 cm / Seat dept: 50 cm / Seat back height 55 cm
Weicht – 15,0 KG

BB will be delivered incl. pump, front and back nett, frontbar, carry backstraps, carry grips, repairset, carry bag, inflatable bottom, inflatable seat, etc.


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