12bb.eu Black Falcon


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12bb.eu Black Falcon

12bb.eu Black Falcon: 12bb.eu Black Falcon “No Paddles” – Very stable BB from strong PVC of 0.9 mm thick. it has an inflatable seating and inflatable bottom. This bellyboat is usable in heavy weather and very cold conditions. It also has two bags, stabilisation rod, and measurement net.

The BB is inflatable with two different air chamber that have safety valves. The bottom and seating both have an own valve, and like that the belly is equipped with a total of 4 air chambers for extra safety.

The load bearing capacities of the bellyboat is around 160 kg.

Color 12BB Belly Boat – Camouflage black
Color accessories – black (seating, bottom, frontbar, net)
Dimensions Belly Boat – ca. 160×115 cm
Weight- 14,3kg


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