12bb.eu Phantom NP (No Paddles)


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12bb.eu Phantom NP (No Paddles)

12bb.eu Phantom NP (No Paddles):

is a “Special Edition” “Customized” high end Belly Boat and with that a very strong and stable belly boat made of strong PVC with a material thickness of 1.2 mm. The Belly Boat is equipped with an inflatable seat (1-piece with 2 chambers) and an extra inflatable bottom for a high firm seat.
As a result, the BB can also be used very well in cold weather and under the toughest conditions.

The more or less “naked” Belly Boot is also specially not equipped with float tube bags, pads for a stabilization bar, deck net with measuring tape or a luggage just behind the seat. (These are optionally available – Please note! order the Gray Gluepads for this). This is to make it possible to organize the Belly Boot completely yourself. The logo has also been incorporated into the bumper to keep a large surface available for sticking pads.

The boat is inflatable via 2 equal air chambers on the side and an extra air chamber in the bow (3 air chambers in the hull) and equipped with safety valves. The seat and bottom both have their own valves, which means that the BB is ultimately equipped with 6 air chambers for extra safety.
Load capacity of the 12BB.eu Belly Boats is the highest of the V-shape Belly Boats currently available on the market. The carrying capacity of the 12BB, type STEALTH is approximately 200KG.

The Belly Boot is also equipped with 2 handles on the inside of the tube to easily place the Belly Boot in the water or the car.

This Belly Boot is extremely well protected against damage. The Belly Boot is extra sturdy with 1.2mm PVC. This is multi-layer reinforced with Polyester non-woven material, wear-resistant PVC. The Phantom is equipped with cone ends with unbreakable hard plastic points, so that it can be set up properly and safely without the risk of damage or leakage. The entire boat is equipped with an extra bumper around and at the bottom.

Color 12BB Belly Boat, type PHANTOM NP – Dark gray
Size Belly Boat – approx. 170×116 cm
Weight – 11.9 KG

BB is supplied incl. pump with special filling valve and repair kit.
incl. inflatable bottom and seat. (with 2 compartments)

*PAY ATTENTION! the image shows the Phantom with Floattube bags, these are not standard with this Phantom NB/NP!


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