Reins 4.8″ reins Swamp Jr. 12cm


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Reins 4.8″ reins Swamp Jr. 12cm

Reins 4.8″ reins Swamp Jr. 12cm: The 4.8″ reins Swamps are slim worms that are very versatile. Be it on the Wacky Rig, on the Drop Shot Rig, on the Neko Rig or simply on the Texas Rig. The reins swamps are very popular worms in Japan for wacky jiggy fishing. For this you take a small jig head and lure the swamp in the middle of the bait. When sinking the jig head starts to swing like a pendulum and gives the lure a very natural action. Every once in a while you should add light tugs as it sinks. Try it out – perch love it!

The compound of the reins softbaits is salted and flavored with shrimp scent!


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