Raid Japan Battle Hog 2.6″ – 6.5cm


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Raid Japan Battle Hog 2.6″ – 6.5cm

The BATTLE HOG is ideal for tracking down the most wary fish through obstacles and weeds. It is also effective when rigged in a trailer offering a good bite. The unique design of the lure’s thick, flat, vertical claws rest on the water and vibrate as the lure sinks into the water, attracting fish from a distance. In the water they can move not only up and down but also left and right creating a powerful complex three dimensional movement that emits strong waves in all directions strongly stimulating the attention of predators. In addition, the ribs on its claws not only hold water but also hold air, releasing bubbles during the animations. The BATTLE HOG’s body also has many legs that prevent it from tipping over to the side. The longer legs create slow movements while the shorter ones generate sharp movements combined with fine vibrations. The 2.6″ version has fine appendages that produce a high-pitched vibration more suited to finesse fishing. These are indispensable pieces of equipment that have the power to make up their minds even when the fish are apathetic. This variety of action allows the BATTLE HOG


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