Z-Man 3.5″ Trick Shotz 8.7cm


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Z-Man 3.5″ Trick Shotz 8.7cm

Z-Man 3.5″ Trick Shotz 8.7cm: Made for those tough days on the water when you just need to put some fish in the boat, the Z Man Trick Shotz is a finesse bait that delivers an ultra lifelike action specifically designed for drop-shotting. Featuring a ribbed body and shade-shaped tail, which create a subtle quivering action with the slightest movement of the rod tip, it is also made from Z-Man’s super-tough ElaZtech plastic, which is extremely tear resistant (great for nose hooking) and is also very buoyant for a more natural presentation. Impregnated with salt as well for added taste and texture, the Z Man Trick Shotz is available in multiple sizes and colors to perfectly match the hatch on any body of water.

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