Quantum Pelagic Shad Set 21cm PIN

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Quantum Pelagic Shad Set 21cm PIN

Quantum Pelagic Shad Set 21cm PIN: No more headaches, “ready to fish”! Uncomplicated and immediately ready for use: rigged-up “open water lures” by Freddy Harbort. The ultimate Pelagic Shad rigged to the Pelagic jig head and armed with a “Claw Treble” that is unobtrusively mounted on the back. Each shad is individually pulled onto the rig by hand and then balanced to guarantee maximum catching power. These open-water shads are available in lengths of 21 cm and 25 cm, each equipped with a Pelagic jig head. With a total bait weight of 60 g at 21 cm length and 70 g at 25 cm. Available in 6 effective colours that flow from the body to the head!

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