Crush City The Kickman 3″ – 7.6cm


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Crush City The Kickman 3″ – 7.6cm

Crush City The Kickman 3″ – 7,6 cm:

Crush City The Kickman 3″ – 7.6 cm: Are you looking for the ultimate shads for fishing for perch and zander? Discover the Rapala CrushCity The Kickman 3 Inch 7.5 cm! These shads, with their subtle kicking paddle-tail action, are an indispensable addition to your fishing gear and perfectly adapted to the finesse required when fishing for these predators.

The Rapala CrushCity The Kickman stands out with its unique design and construction. Each of the shads in the pack of nine weighs only 3 grams and measures 7.5 cm in length, making them ideal for precise and controlled fishing. The subtle paddle-tail action of these shads creates a lifelike swimming movement that is effective even at low speeds. This makes The Kickman particularly suitable for both slow and fast retrieves.

A key feature of The Kickman is its strong CrushCity scent, which attracts fish and increases the chances of bites. The salted belly of the shad contributes to a stable swimming action, allowing this shad to stay perfectly upright in the water, even when it stops. These features make The Kickman not only effective but also versatile in use.

Thanks to the application of Smart Injection Technology™, Rapala combines advanced techniques to create a perfect combination of color, glitter, salt, and scent, making each shad exceptionally attractive to predatory fish. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, The Kickman offers you the quality and performance you need to be successful on the water.

Available at in various colors to suit all water conditions, the Rapala CrushCity The Kickman shads are the ideal choice for fishing with finesse techniques. Add these high-quality shads to your fishing gear and experience the difference in attractiveness and durability on your next fishing trip. Discover for yourself why Rapala is renowned for its innovative and effective fishing products.



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