Crush City Freeloader 4.25″ – 10.8cm


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Crush City Freeloader 4.25″ – 10.8cm

Crush City Freeloader 4.25″ – 10.8cm Discover the ultimate addition to your fishing gear: the Rapala CrushCity Freeloader, an indispensable soft lure for every sport fisherman. This refined design, 10.5 cm long and weighing 8.5 grams, is perfect for attracting predatory fish as a trailer for your spinnerbait, chatterbait, or skirted jig. With integrated slots in the belly and top for straight and secure hook attachment and a hidden hook point, it enhances the effectiveness of any fishing setup.

The unique rings at the tail of the Freeloader provide a subtle, enticing action, ideal for attracting attention underwater. The so-called Smart Injection Technology™ ensures a perfect combination of color, glitter, salt, and scent, precisely added where needed. This results in an irresistible attraction in the water.

Developed in collaboration with Major League Fishing professional Jacob Wheeler, the Rapala CrushCity Freeloader is the best choice for competitive and recreational fishermen. The design with flat, tall sides mimics a baitfish, and its unique ribbed pin-tail produces an attractive, subtle vibration that predatory fish can’t resist.

Available at in various colors, carefully selected by Jacob Wheeler for use in professional tournaments, the Freeloader offers versatile attachment options. Use it with a nose hook, Texas Rig, weedless hook, or as a soft plastic jerkbait that descends with a wiggle. This makes the Freeloader suitable for various fishing conditions and techniques, including the use of livescope/forward facing sonar for ‘hover strolling’—a technique where the bait is visually presented to the fish.

This advanced technology and versatility make the Rapala CrushCity Freeloader a top choice for any fisherman striving for excellence and effectiveness in the water. Don’t miss the chance to add this top bait to your fishing arsenal, as with the CrushCity Freeloader, you are always ready for action.

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