Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT 15cm


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Discover the Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT 15cm: A Breakthrough in Saltwater Swimbait Technology

Introducing the Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT, a 15cm swimbait that sets a new standard in hyper-realistic fishing lures. This line-through swimbait, Z-Man’s first of its kind, boasts a photo-print baitfish pattern that achieves incredible detail, making it almost indistinguishable from real fish. Perfect for both novice and seasoned anglers, the Mulletron LT is engineered to revolutionize your fishing experience.

Innovative Design for Unmatched Performance

The Z-man Mulletron LT features a reinforced top line-through harness that allows the bait to glide smoothly up the line after a hookset, dramatically reducing the fish’s ability to use the lure’s weight to throw the hook. This design ensures a remarkably high hookset and landing ratio, mimicking the effectiveness of live bait.

Dynamic Action and Durable Construction

Equipped with a rounded, wedge-shaped tail, the Mulletron LT activates a lifelike swimming action at all speeds, including extremely slow retrieves for sluggish fish. The lure is crafted from Z-Man’s proprietary 10X Tough ElaZtech® material, which is robust enough to withstand repeated strikes from aggressive saltwater gamefish.

High-Quality Features and Effective Presentation

The Mulletron LT is designed with custom, heavy-duty black nickel sickle hooks (sizes 3/0 for 4.5 inches and 5/0 for 6 inches), which provide an optimal balance of strength, penetration, and a superb hook-to-land ratio. The perfectly balanced, weighted harness, combined with the buoyant superplastic material, ensures the lure maintains an upright posture in the water, on the fall, and even when at rest on the bottom. Available in different colors at Predatorfishing.be

Versatile and Visually Appealing

Available in two sizes (4.5-inch at 3/4 ounce and 6-inch at 1-3/4 ounce) and six meticulously fine-tuned baitfish patterns, the Mulletron LT caters to a variety of water conditions and lighting environments. The hand-painted and photo-printed color schemes offer ultra-realism, making this lure irresistible to predatory fish. Moreover, the painted eyes are designed to outlast traditional glue-on eyes, adding to the lure’s overall durability and attractiveness.

Award-Winning Recognition

Praised as the Best New Saltwater Soft Bait at the 2023 ICAST show, the Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT 15cm is celebrated for its innovative top hook line-through harness, true-to-life mullet profile, and exceptional durability. This swimbait is not just a fishing lure; it’s an essential tool for any angler aiming to enhance their performance in saltwater game fishing.

Why Choose the Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT?

Choose the Z-man 6″ Mulletron LT for its superior design, functionality, and lifelike appearance. Whether targeting larger saltwater species or enhancing your tournament performance, this swimbait is designed to deliver results. Experience the pinnacle of swimbait technology and see why Z-man leads the way in innovative fishing solutions. Available now for anglers who demand the very best in their tackle selection.

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