Z-Man 4″ Big TRD 10cm


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Z-Man 4″ Big TRD 10cm

Z-Man 4″ Big TRD 10cm: Delivering all of the same seductive features as the original T.R.D., the Z Man Big T.R.D. offers a larger profile that works to draw more attention and entice bigger bites. Built to pair perfectly with Z Man’s Power Finesse Shoomz, the Z Man Big T.R.D. creates an incredibly versatile finesse fishing package with unmatched durability and attraction.

Not just for Ned-rigs, the larger size of the Z Man Big T.R.D. allows it to be used for Texas-rigs, wacky-rigs, and Carolina-rigs as well. Offered in a number of incredibly effective colors, the Z Man Big T.R.D. is kind of a “big deal.”


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