VMC HD Weighted Hook


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VMC HD Weighted Hook

VMC HD Weighted Hook: The VMC “Ike Approved” Heavy Duty Weighted Swimbait Hook was designed with the help of 2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2006 Angler of the Year, Michael “Ike” Iaconelli. Equipped with several key innovations that make it one of the easiest and most effective weighted swimbait hooks to fish, Ike positioned the weight perfectly towards the eye of the hook, to enhance the action, maintain stability, and maximize castability of this hook system. The unique keel shape of the weight will also help your swimbait track back to the boat straighter than traditional weighted swimbait hooks. Its extra wide gap and super sharp point allow you to rig any size and shape of swimbait, while also increasing your hook-up ratio. The tapered, locking spring is also easy to rig, and holds any size soft plastic in place for a perfect swimming action every time. It also allows you to easily add or remove your swimbait without damaging it, so you can get the most out of every bait, and change out colors as quickly as possible. The product of 200 years of hook making experience and decades of tournament experience, the VMC “Ike Approved” Heavy Duty Weighted Swimbait Hook is designed to take your swimbait fishing to the next level.

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