Strike King pro-Model Series 1XS Floating


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Strike King pro-Model Series 1XS Floating

Strike King pro-Model Series 1XS Floating:

Designed for extra shallow conditions and spooky fish, the Series 1XS adds to the versatility of the Strike King crankbait line-up. This lightweight bait with a medium wobble cast extremely well for its size. Designed to be fished slow or fast, it tracks true at any speed and features the free floating rattles which are inherent to all Strike King pro-designed crankbaits.

  • Light-weight crankbait designed for shallow work
  • Can be worked on a fast or slow retrieve
  • Square bill design to work through snags
  • Tight wiggle action
  • Chip resistant finish
  • Reflective 3D eyes
  • Attractive internal rattle
  • Diving depth: 0m to 3.7m
  • Weighs: 10.6g
  • Available in four colours: Gizzard Shad, Fire Tiger, Chartreuse Sexy Shad and Sexy Shad
  • 5.5cm


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