Solid Weights Tungsten Cheburaska weights black


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Solid Weights Tungsten Cheburaska weights black

Solid Weights Tungsten Cheburaska weights black: Increases the mobility of the hook and allows a quick change of hook or casting weight!

The cheburaska assembly offers many advantages: The pin allows you to change weight or hook quickly, but the bait also has greater mobility. This will make the action seem much more natural for your bait, but it will also decrease the chance of getting caught. You can also easily combine this with an imitation craw or a creature bait for example. When landing on the bottom, your bait will stand up, just as a craw will raise its pincers to defend itself against a predator fish such as a perch or zander.

The tungsten cheburaska weights that we have developed are, as the name suggests, not made of lead. We use 98% tungsten, supplemented with iron and nickel. This makes the weight not only smaller for the same throwing weight as lead, but also much more environmentally friendly. In addition, the material is also much harder than lead, so that every tick, mussel, stone, … is passed on perfectly to the fisherman.

Many months of development has gone into these, with an eye on your wallet as well. Certified quality but still affordable!


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