Solid Weights Tungsten Bullet Weight Black


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Solid Weights Tungsten Bullet Weight Black

Solid Weights Tungsten Bullet Weight Black: These bullet weights are not made from lead, but from tungsten. By using this material we can get a smaller, harder bullet for the same weight. Moreover, tungsten is not as bad for the environment as lead.

With this bullet weight you can easily make a Texas rig or a Carolina rig. The bait is thus offered in a much more subtle way than with a traditional lead head or drop shot assembly. Very effective to use in the winter when the fish sometimes lie very passively against the bottom.

The harder material will also hear a clear ‘tick’ when the bullet weight hits the bead, which makes it more attractive for different predatory fish.

Available in different weights:
3.5g, 5.25g, 7g, 8.8g, 10.5g, 14g, 17.7g, 21g


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