Shimano Kairiki SX8 PE Mantis Green 150m


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Shimano Kairiki SX8 PE Mantis Green 150m

Shimano Kairiki SX8 PE Mantis Green 150m: Shimano is proud to have developed Kairiki SX8, an eight carrier braided line produced using the latest S-EBT (Shimano Enhanced Body Technology) in combination with the best available Poly- Ethylene braid made in Japan, resulting in a material lighter than water and, weight for weight, up to 15 TIMES STRONGER THAN STEEL. The very latest Shimano technology has been applied to create a stronger, smoother and more abrasion resistant braid.

Kairiki SX8 has extremely low colour-fade compared to other braided lines, and incredibly low stretch (less than 2%) which allows you to feel every movement of the bait and every touch from the fish, without losing the uniquely smooth and supple characteristics. Kairiki SX8 lines are made in a highly visible Mantis Green colour; and will be available in 11 different diameters, from ø 0,08 mm to ø 0,41 mm.

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