Sakura Bomba Crank 60F 6cm – 13.5g


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Sakura Bomba Crank 60F 6cm – 13.5g

Sakura Bomba Crank 60F 6cm – 13.5g: Bomba Crank 60F-70F is designed for “power fishermen” who want to cover the field in the shortest time, at depths of 2 to 3 m or above submerged weed beds in open water..

Its square lip also allows him to rebound effectively on hard obstacles without catching it. It gives him a large and powerful wobbling (waggle) which facilitates tracking by predators, the more easily its signature sound “low frequency” spreads very quickly over long distances. With a mass transfer, it casts like an arrow. The small version is perfect for bass and perch, while with its 70 mm, the big Bomba already has a place in our pike boxes.


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