Quantum Wackelarsch 9cm-6g


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Quantum Wackelarsch 9cm-6g

Quantum Wackelarsch 9cm-6g: To mark the 20th anniversary, we invited ANGLERBOARD users to submit suggestions for a perch and zander lure. The best ideas have been combined in the 9-centimetre-long Wackelarsch. The name, which translates as ‘wiggling bottom’ says it all. Thanks to the grooves, the tail has a high-frequency action while the body wobbles slightly. This action especially drives zander and perch crazy. Slits on the stomach and back make it easier to mount offset hooks. As a result, the Wackelarsch is perfect for finesse methods like drop shotting or the Texas rig. The lure is also a banker for jigging, with the jig head nestling perfectly in the curved mouth. The test phase showed that, besides the target species of zander and perch, asp, large trout and even big pike like to dine on this little snack. Available in five attractive colours!

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