Keitech 4″ Flapper Grub 10cm


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Keitech 4″ Flapper Grub 10cm

Keitech 4″ Flapper Grub 10cm: is the first classic twister released under the Keitech brand name. But even here, the Japanese brought some of their zest to the seemingly familiar to all bait.

Its twisted tail is equipped with a blade that allows silicone to be put into operation at minimum wiring speeds.This gives some advantages when fishing for passive fish that are not ready to chase prey. The body of the twister is slightly flattened in the upper part, which makes it possible to perfectly select an offset hook for it, the sting of which will lie on the surface and will pierce the mouth of the fish as soon as possible. In order to better hold the hook in the body of the bait, special protrusions are provided in the places of entry and exit of the offset wire, due to which the life of the bait will be significantly extended and it will not begin to slide off the hook ahead of time. Also, this twister can easily be equipped with a double or a classic jig head, which makes it universal for any fishing conditions.
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