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JARO-BT60.12 START: This one is of the latest battery packs from JAROCELLS; specially developed by us to maximize a battery that can do it all. Thus, the LiFePO4 battery can deliver a huge starting current and also provide up to 200A continuously for, for example, a heavy winch, a mover motor, or large inverters. But it also serves well as a service battery.

The JARO-BT60.12 START is designed according to the requirements that Mercury Marine sets for starting batteries and can be used with the heaviest outboard engines. Naturally, the battery can be charged via the alternator, like all other JAROCELLS batteries. However, this battery is also suitable for the heaviest alternators on the market.

The battery is equipped with built-in heating so that it can be normally charged even under sub-zero conditions. Moreover, it can be used with fish finders and other equipment. A true all-rounder!

Of course, this battery also comes with our Jarocells App which allows you to check the status of your battery at any time on your smartphone.

And with its weight of 10.2kg and IP67 waterproofing, it’s a valuable addition to our JAROCELLS range.


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