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THE JARO-BT300.12 is one of the newest battery packs from JAROCELLS. This battery has been specially developed by us to get the most out of a small size, with great performance.

For example, the battery with a weight of 27 kg for a LiFePO4 battery has an enormous capacity of 300Ah and can supply 200A continuously.

This means that a single battery has a capacity that is comparable to 600Ah of lead-acid batteries. The battery is equipped with built-in heating so that normal charging can also be done in conditions below freezing.

Furthermore, the battery can deliver a high starting current for 10 seconds, comparable to 800 CCA. The interior is completely cast in synthetic resin, which makes the battery practically insensitive to corrosion and loosening of parts.

So a safe battery.

You also get a five-year warranty on this battery, as JAROCELLS uses as standard on all its batteries.

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 15,1 × 6,5 × 9,5 cm


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