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Jaro-BT28.12 HIGH CAPACITY: The JARO-BT28.12 is the latest addition to our JAROCELLS battery pack series. This powerhouse weighs only 1.5kg, has the same dimensions as a JARO-BT9.12 but has more than triple the capacity!

Unlike all our other JAROCELLS batteries, the JARO-BT28.12 is not a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, but a Li-ion battery. The reason for this deviation is the high demand for a small battery with a high capacity. This battery is especially suitable for Fishfinders on smaller boats, bait boats and other applications where you need a lot of energy in a small housing.

The battery has 28Ah (311Wh) of energy that is stored in the latest model cell. This is the same model as used in the Tesla Model 3. This new technique allows more of the housing volume to be used for energy storage. The battery is equipped with an advanced BMS with high discharge current. Up to 20A can be supplied continuously.

As with all our other models, this BMS is also equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter so that you can read the current performance and residual content of the battery via an App (among other things).

The BT28.12 High Capacity Lithium Ion battery is therefore a new topper in our JAROCELLS range. And because we designed the battery ourselves and had it made in large quantities, our price is also competitive: we have the lowest price per Ah of all the better brands.

What also makes JAROCELLS unique is that we have all the parts and expertise in-house and can therefore repair any battery. Have you had a breakdown and dropped your battery in water so that it no longer works? We will repair it for you again.

NOTE: This battery can only be charged with the special JCC12/6 Li-ion battery charger.

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 15,1 × 6,5 × 9,5 cm


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