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This JARO-BTP150.12 battery replaces our previous model, the JARO-BT125.12. Neither the model nor the technology has changed. However, it now contains 20% more energy without a change in price. The secret lies in the cells. The size, shape, and origin of the cells have also not changed. But now, the manufacturer is able to pack 20% more energy into them.

This service battery, weighing 16.0kg, delivers continuous power from full to empty and is practically comparable to two 12V150Ah lead batteries weighing about 70kg. The battery can be easily paralleled. If you’re looking for 24V, consider the JARO-BT60.24 or JARO-BT100.24 batteries.

What makes this battery particularly special is that it can deliver a current of 540A for 3 seconds. This is equivalent to a lead starting battery of 700CCA. Therefore, our JARO-BT150.12 battery can also be used as a starting battery.

The dimensions of this battery are 318x165x215 mm (weight 16.0kg)

Of course, this battery is also equipped with BT technology, allowing you to monitor everything happening inside your battery with the JAROCELLS App for Android and iOS.

For the installation of this type of battery in your boat or motorhome, we provide non-binding, customized advice. Whether you have 12V, 24V, or 36V equipment, or a combination of these, or if you have chargers, inverters, or dynamos, we can deliver a suitable solution. We have many successful projects behind us with very satisfied customers.


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