Effzett Pike Seducer 18cm Loose Body


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Effzett Pike Seducer 18cm Loose Body

Effzett Pike Seducer 18cm Loose Body: The casting version is lighter and by that perfect for active fishing. The 18cm version can be casted with a normal spinning rod and even casting the 23cm Pike Seducer is no problem. This medium fast sinking lure is the right choice when you are fishing over deep weed beds or if the fish are feeding near the surface.

When we developed the EFFZETT® Pike Seducer we wanted to make a lure that could be used in just about any situation and condition. In that we succeeded. Due to its strong rolling action and the aggressively moving tail the Pike Seducer even attracts the attention of passive pikes. The five well thought through colour patterns offer the right colour for every weather condition that can occur. The extremely sharp EFFZETT® treble easily grabs hold safely and the added swivel prevents the hook from being pulled out when the fish is turning or shaking its head

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