Decoy Plus Blade Willow Leaf Silver


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Decoy Plus Blade Willow Leaf Silver

Decoy Plus Blade Willow Leaf Silver: A new concept that is gaining serious popularity in Japan, the Decoy Plus Blades add a little extra flash to your presentation that will separate your lures from the competition, giving you the winning edge. Super easy to use, the Decoy Plus Blades simply slide up your line and are held in place by two bobber stops to create the illusion of your lure chasing a small baitfish, which triggers an aggressive reaction bite from bass. The Decoy Plus Blades can also be adjusted to any length to achieve a desired presentation and can be used in conjunction with almost any technique. Available in multiple sizes, the Decoy Plus Blades will help you attract more fish and ultimately stimulate more bites from stubborn bass.


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