Crush City The Kickman 4″ – 10cm


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Crush City The Kickman 4″ – 10cm

Crush City The Kickman 4″ – 10cm: Introducing the Rapala Crush City “The Kickman” in 4″ – 10cm, a standout choice for anglers targeting perch, zander, and other predator fish. This swimbait is crafted to maximize your fishing success with its unique features and high-performance design.

Product Features:

  • Subtle Kicking Paddle Tail Action: The Kickman features a subtle yet effective paddle tail that delivers enticing vibrations. This tail moves effortlessly even at the slowest speeds, mimicking the natural movements of prey to attract predators.
  • Heavily Scented: Enhanced with a potent scent, this lure is irresistible to fish, stimulating aggressive bites and increasing your catch rate.
  • Salted Belly: The inclusion of a salted belly not only adds flavor but also improves the lure’s balance and stability in the water. This feature ensures a consistent and stable swimming action, crucial when precision is needed.
  • Smart Injection Technology™: Employing Rapala’s innovative Smart Injection Technology™, The Kickman combines the perfect mix of color, flake, salt, and scent. This technology ensures that each lure is crafted with precision, offering a natural presentation that predators cannot resist.
  • Sizes and Packaging: Available in multiple sizes to suit various fishing conditions and techniques, The Kickman comes in a 4-pack for the 7.5cm, 3-pack for the 10cm, and 2-pack for the 12.5cm models.

Additional Specifications:

  • Lure Color: Available in different attractant colors at Colors that performs well in a variety of water conditions.
  • Weight and Length: The 10cm model weighs 14 grams, making it ideal for deeper water or stronger currents, providing excellent casting distance and depth control.

The Rapala CrushCity The Kickman is part of Rapala’s newest range of soft baits, designed not just to match but to exceed the expectations of serious anglers. Whether used on a jighead, dropshot, weedless setup, or a Carolina rig, this versatile lure adapts to both aggressive and subtle fishing techniques.

Perfectly balanced and engineered, the salt in the belly provides weight and stability, allowing The Kickman to maintain a natural upright position in the water. This balance is crucial for achieving a realistic swimming action and maintaining lure performance throughout various retrieval speeds.

Ideal for both novice and experienced anglers, The Kickman is your go-to lure for targeting larger freshwater predators like bass and pike, as well as for sea bass fishing. Its durable construction and carefully crafted features make it a valuable addition to any tackle box.

Experience the difference with the Rapala Crush City “The Kickman” – where advanced design meets unparalleled fishing performance. Add this lure to your collection and see why Rapala continues to be a leader in fishing innovation.

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