Crush City NED BLT 3″ – 7.6cm


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Crush City NED BLT 3″ – 7.6cm

Crush City NED BLT 3″ – 7.6cm: The Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT represents the latest innovation in the soft bait segment for delicate fishing conditions using the Ned rig technique. This lure is distinguished by its compact size of 3 inches (approximately 7.5 cm) and is available in packs of ten units, ideal for passionate freshwater anglers who value precision and quality.

With a price of only €8.95, the Ned BLT offers excellent value, thanks also to the durability of the used material, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This material is not only elastic and durable but also provides sufficient buoyancy, essential for the Ned rig technique. The subtle yet effective presentation of the Ned BLT makes it particularly suitable for anglers who wish to fish with finesse, especially in situations where a gentle approach is required.

The uniqueness of the Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT lies in the implementation of advanced technologies such as Smart Injection Technology™. This technology ensures a perfect combination of color, glitter, salt, and scent, precisely added where needed to make the bait irresistible in the water. The integrated scent and flavors encourage the fish to keep the bait longer in their mouth, which leads to a higher catch rate.

The versatility of the Ned BLT is further enhanced by the availability in various colors and patterns, carefully selected to be effective under different conditions and all available at Whether the water is clear or turbid, the Ned BLT offers a solution for every situation. Moreover, the flexible nature of the TPE material allows this bait to survive multiple catches without tearing or losing its shape.

The packaging of the Ned BLT has also been designed with durability and ease of use in mind. The sturdy ziplock packaging keeps the baits neatly organized and fresh, ready for use in your next fishing session.

In summary, the Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT is a top choice for any sport fisherman looking for a robust, effective, and versatile bait for finesse fishing techniques. Add this innovative product to your fishing arsenal and experience the superior quality and performance that Rapala consistently delivers.

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