Black Cat Micro U-Float


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Black Cat Micro U-Float

Black Cat Micro U-Float: The small, streamlined floating devices, available in weights of 1.5 g and 3.5 g, are completely inconspicuous above the bait, guarantee catches and enable extremely attractive bait presentation on heavily fished waters. Micro U-Floats present baits just off the bottom. Depending on the bait size, several Micro U-Floats can be used on the leader at the same time, creating greater buoyancy with less water turbulence on the leader. Even when fishing in stone packing, Stefan Seuß advises using Micro U-Floats to present the leader and bait apparently weightlessly above the sharp stone edges. The bright neon yellow and neon red colours are used in clear water conditions, creating a visual attraction for catfish.


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