Black Cat Fireball


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Black Cat Fireball

Black Cat Fireball: Active vertical fishing for catfish beneath a boat using baitfish is highly successful and particularly selective for tempting very timid, monster specimens. This is where a Fire-Ball Jig comes in! The Fire-Ball Jig takes the baitfish straight to the predator. The highly robust size 6/0 DG-coated single hook not only holds the baitfish perfectly in position when fishing, it also takes a reliable hold in the catfish’s mouth when striking. The large eye offers sufficient space for an additional stinger and adequate play for the carabiner. Whether you’re fishing in a strong current or on a stillwater, the four different weights and flat underside of the jig mean you’ll always be prepared for any situation. Available in 80 g, 120 g, 160 g and 200 g and in matt black or glow in the dark designs!

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