Madness Mother Worm 8″ – 20cm


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Madness Mother Worm 8″ – 20cm

Discover the Madness Mother Worm 8″ – 20 cm, a highly effective softbait designed for targeting large predatory fish such as pike-perch, catfish, sea bass, pollock, and cod. This lure, with its unique V-shaped belly, responds to the slightest touch and moves enticingly with the slightest provocation. Its ultra-flexible structure ensures that the Mother Worm is almost automatically sucked in by the fish, resulting in very few missed bites.

Product Features:

  • Length: 20 cm
  • Weight: 23 grams
  • Contents per package: 4 pieces
  • Recommended jig heads: Screw Head 25g, Football 28g H5/0

The Madness Mother Worm 8″ – 20cm” is specifically designed for vertical fishing, a technique highly effective at reaching deep waters where large predatory fish reside. Due to its substantial size, this softbait is ideal for targeting larger fish, making it a must-have for serious sport fishermen looking for trophy catches.

This softbait is best used with a subtle technique of short jerks just above the bottom, allowing its natural and subtle swimming motion to be most effective. It is essential to securely attach the Mother Worm to the jig head with super glue for maximum durability and effectiveness during fishing.

Adjust the color and size of your Mother Worm according to the season, the fish’s diet, and the mood of the fishing day to maximize your chances of success. We have various colors in stock at These adjustments can be crucial for effectively attracting local predatory fish.

With its advanced design and proven fishing results, the Madness Mother Worm 8″ is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful softbait for fishing for large predatory fish. Add this powerful weapon to your fishing arsenal and experience the difference on your next big fishing adventure!

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