VMC Spin Shot Wide Gap


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VMC Spin Shot Wide Gap

VMC Spin Shot Wide Gap: This is a larger, wide gape version of VMC’s popular Spinshot hook, which makes it incredibly easy to tie a drop shot rig (they also make it simple to incorporate wire into your set up). The Spinshot Wide Gap hook allows you to weedless rig soft plastics, so you can fish right amongst the snags. The longer, wider hook also enables you to rig larger, bulkier lures than the original Spinshot hooks. They also features a 3-degree offset hook point, to help increase hook ups. Each hook is mounted on to a wire ‘swivel’, allowing your lure to rotate freely without generating any line twist. Simply tie your line or trace to the top wire loop, then attach the line holding your weight to the bottom wire loop. Black Nickel finish, 4pcs per pack.

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