Vision Abbo Kit


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Vision Abbo Kit

Vision Abbo Kit: High-quality #6 ready-to-go set especially for perch fishing!

Originally developed for trophy sized perch hunters in Scandinavia, the Abbo (nickname for perch in Swedish) kit is extremely suitable for general streamer fishing especially with sinking lines. Novel 4-piece 6-weight Abbo rod has a medium-fast action with dark olive blank and black EVA foam handle. Abbo reel is a modified Deep reel with a proven brake system. Fly line (Vibe85) has a 8.5m long Sink3 head and a floating running line which makes it a great allround line for perch fishing. The total line length is 27 m. This ready-to-use outfit also includes 20lb backing and a 9’ monofilament leader.

– Medium fast action 9′ four piece #6 Abbo rod with black EVA
foam handle
– Black Abbo die cast aluminum fly reel
– High quality easy to cast Vibe 85 Sink 3 fly line
– Includes backing and a leader
– Everything pre-spooled and ready for action
– Packed in cordura tube with a reel pouch

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