Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow 15cm – 65g


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Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow 15cm – 65g

Strike Pro Buster Jerk Shallow 15cm – 65g: Strike Pro Buster Jerk, the best pike lure ever made?!
Overwhelmingly the most popular jerk in Scandinavia with the best track record against large pike – the ultimate pike-fishing machine. Describing this jerk may lead to running out of superlatives; we are talking about “the jerk”! The Buster is the perfect choice for both new jerk fishers and more experienced pike gurus.

Buster Jerk Shallow Runner is the safest bet when pike fishing with jerks. Casting and fishing with the jerk isn’t rocket science! Mere reeling will make the jerk swim from side to side and you can use the rod to enhance the movement to increase gliding and side-flashing. Buster Jerk is extremely effective throughout the season in all pike waters, on the sea and lakes. The jerk is made from durable plastic and is equipped with internal rattler beads.

The Shallow Runner model floats or sinks slowly, depending on the leader used. With standard hooks and a light-weight leader the jerk will rise slowly toward the surface. With longer leaders, the jerk sinks very slowly. This enables using the Shallow Runner model effectively in shallow waters or when the water is cold and the pike’s attack reflex requires a longer pause in the movement to trigger.

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