Shimano Sustain FI


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Shimano Sustain FI

Shimano Sustain FI: Packed with a long-list of high-end features, the Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reel is built purely for performance. At home in freshwater and saltwater, the Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reel’s HAGANE Body and HAGANE Gear provides the power and rigidity to handle a wide-range of tough-fighting fish, while maintaining the refinement and light rotation that the Sustain is known for.

By combining a water-repellent coating and a specially designed, water channeling labyrinth construction, Shimano’s X Protect technology allows the Sustain to maintain high water resistance without sacrificing lightweight design. Utilizing the asymmetrical, super-light, perfectly balanced design of the new Magnumlite Rotor, the Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reel requires very low inertia to start turning, resulting in immediate, smooth rotation.

A testament to Shimano’s catalog of advanced technologies, the Shimano Sustain FI Spinning Reel delivers outstanding performance that is head-and-shoulders above other spinning reels.


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