Shimano Exsence



Shimano Exsence

Shimano Exsence: Loaded with flagship Shimano technologies, the Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel offers top-of-the-line performance in a lightweight, enthusiast-caliber package. Exceptionally smooth, the Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel features Micro Module gear teeth, HAGANE Gearing, and Shimano’s signature MGL Rotor – all of which contribute to the Exscense’s seamless engagement and rotation.

Able to handle light inshore duty as well, the Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel is built with HAGANE Body, S A-RB, and X-protect, providing anti-corrosive performance that stands-up to harsh saltwater conditions. Effortlessly managing all types of fishing line, the Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel is equipped with a one-piece bail and an advanced drag system that promises smooth line release. Made to handle big fish and tough conditions while delivering lightweight performance, the Shimano Exsence Spinning Reel utilizes an extensive offering of Shimano’s most forward-thinking technologies.


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