Sakura Iconic Spinning


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Sakura Iconic Spinning

Sakura Iconic Spinning: Made from high modulus Mitsubishi carbon, the Iconic has been crafted for durability and performance, setting you up in perfect style for successful trotting, jigging, or drop shotting sessions on a range of venues, and in all conditions.

A Fuji reel seat gives you fingertip feel of every moment of the cast, and every inch of the fight, bringing you closer than ever to the jaws of the predators you’re pursuing, and virtually putting you right in the water. Fuji K-style anti-tangle guides send your line out swiftly and smoothly, rippling into the water with perfect placement, and absolute precision.

Carbon blanks create rods with a flexible strength, which hold up well against the rigours of predator fishing, taking on heavy swells and powerful takes with ease, while cork adds an element of bounce which makes the rod light and flexible to handle, giving you a comfortable feel however long you’re out for.

The Sakura Iconic Casting Rod is designed and crafted specifically for the rigours of lure work, a discipline which demands the kind of sensitivity that allows you to work a lure in precise, cunning increments and styles, and accurately interpret the first feel of an exploratory mouth, paired with the strength to hold and handle large, lively predators against heavy tidal swells, or weedy conditions on rivers or canals.

A brand with a passion for predator perfection, Sakura are best placed to deliver exactly the kind of rod and style of tackle you need for all your zander, perch, and pike fishing.  Already an Iconic part of the angling scene, and set to become a firm favourite with predator anglers everywhere, Sakura tackle should be first on your list when you’re looking to upgrade to tackle with strength, finesse, and style, that will put you ahead of those challenging beasts of the deep.


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