Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel


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Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel

Quantum Smoke S3 Spinning Reel: The Quantum Smoke 3 remains true to the philosophy of “metal where it matters”, which is reflected by the visually attractive skeleton design of the third-generation Smoke. This has enabled us to dramatically reduce the weight of the reel without making even the slightest compromise in terms of rigidity. The reel continues the tradition of a metal body which is robust while ensuring an ultra-smooth gear action. Wherever metal has had to be used it has been used, but in a weight-optimised form. The new Reel Engine Design 2.0, or RED for short, ensures silky smooth action and optimal line distribution even with ultra-thin braided lines. The rotor is made from a composite of a plastic used in space travel and long carbon fibres (approx. 10 mm), which is extremely difficult to process but achieves incredible rigidity. The Smoke also impresses with a “braid band”, a specially designed rubber ring on the spool, which enables the spool to be immediately loaded with braided line without firstly having to load backing line onto the spool core. The braid sits securely on the rubber and twisting is completely eliminated.


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