Quantum 2,40m Smoke S3 Spin 18-105g


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Quantum 2,40m Smoke S3 Spin 18-105g

Quantum 2,40m Smoke S3 Spin 18-105g: Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the popular Quantum flagship is now available in a new S3 version. This is not smoke and mirrors but a hard-wearing, high-quality rod series of the very highest order. Our rod engineers put their hearts and souls into the elaborate composition of the powerful yet extremely fast rod blank, resulting in a flawless end product. Designed to meet the high demands of modern predator fishing, the rod provides phenomenal feedback in terms of the bottom features of a water. Immediate bite indication allows the angler to strike quickly, even over long distances. It goes without saying that the new S3 series comes with the usual top-quality Fuji components in two rod lengths and different casting weight spectrums to cover the broad scope of modern predator fishing. Annoying top-heaviness is a thing of the past thanks to the supplied counterweights for balancing a wide variety of reels. This model series has been designed especially for modern pike fishing with large lures – all modern predator anglers fishing for these species can put their complete faith in the Quantum Smoke S3 series. The Smoke S3 Spin 105 models are equipped with a total of three strong Fuji double-legged rings starting from the butt ring and are designed for fishing even with the heaviest “big baits”. Design and technology of the highest standard.

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