Quantum 2,15m Vapor Aggressor Medium Lure 35g TR


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Quantum 2,15m Vapor Aggressor Medium Lure 35g TR

Quantum 2,15m Vapor Aggressor Medium Lure 35g TR: Without doubt a genuine all-rounder in this new Quantum rod series, the Vapor Aggressor! The Aggressor amplifies the unmistakable impact of a bite, which is the hallmark of predator fishing with artificial lures, like almost no other rod. The centrepiece of the rod, the Toray IM9 high-modular graphite blank, means that all three Aggressor classes are ideal for use with soft lures, shads and swimbaits and are highly compatible with wobblers, jerk, twitch and topwater baits! The angler feels absolutely everything from the vibration of the lure to even the slightest brush of the bottom, while even the most delicate bites are sensed unmistakably like an electric shock right down to the handle. The three designs of the Vapor Aggressor cover every angling technique and lure size: ‘Medium Lure’ up to 35 grams, ‘Heavy Lure’ up to 84 grams and, for the big boys, the ‘X-Heavy Lure’ up to 140 grams. The IM9 blank makes the rods incredibly light, extremely fast and ultra stiff. Every rod is perfectly balanced with no additional balance weights and sits perfectly in the hand. The three baitcaster models have another special feature, the unique ‘Smart Trigga™’. This slightly angled handle ensures that the rod nestles even better against the forearm to create a harmonious grip! The highly slender EVA handle with integrated screw reel fitting sits easily in the hand, ensuring a flawless feel of the blank. This translates into fatigue-free fishing, improved concentration, better bait control, faster bite recognition, shorter reaction times and, consequently, more fish!

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