Pike ‘N Bass Livescope mount


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Pike ‘N Bass Livescope mount

Pike ‘N Bass Livescope mount: “New Pike’n bass transducer pole mount studying for all LIVE transducers (Garmin, Lowrance and Humminbirds)

Amiaud company has set up a wide range of pole mount designed of all Live transducer using. Getting closer from fishes to learn about their behaviours while you are practising sharpshooting technics.
Stainless steel brass are also availables to mount this pole mount on your boat.
This project is the result of long time work from our R&D department, working with famous transducer brands, and our anglers staff as well.

Characteristics :
Anodized Aluminium
Stainless steel piedestal (Delivered with transducer pole mount)
Max length : 1 m
Lenght : 1.05 m
Fitting by marine grade screws
3 differents mounting :
On the boat deck through the stainless steel piedestal (Availale also in spare part)
On the 22mm to 65 mm boat rail with Seanox rail mount (450425, 450427, 450435, 450457, etc.)
On the 2 gimbal mounts versions :
Ref. 410173 : 90° used with 90° flush mount rod holder (Ref. 428051)
Ref. 410171 : 30° used with 30° flush mount rod holder (Ref. 428006, 428011, 428001)

Made in France”


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