Mustad KVD Dropshot hook


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Mustad KVD Dropshot hook

Mustad KVD Dropshot hook: Designed to be the ultimate dropshot hook, the Mustad Double Wide KVD Drop Shot Hook features technique specific modifications that are aimed at increasing performance from the cast-to-the-net. Forged with a 20% wider gap than standard dropshot hooks, the Mustad Double Wide KVD Drop Shot Hook provides enough clearance to allow baits to move freely and as seductively as possible.

In addition, the wider gap also prevents the bait from interfering on hook sets, which, when paired with the extra-fine wire construction, results in swift and precise penetrations. Delivering the holding power and the strength to handle large fish, the hooks are made with a special nor-tempering process and fitted with a precisely angled, oversized barb. Perfect for wacky-rigs and live bait as well, the Mustad Double Wide KVD Drop Shot Hook may not make you as good as KVD, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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