Minn Kota ULTERRA 112/US2/iPilot-BT 60″/152cm/36V


Attention! Due to the length and weight of this electric motor, we cannot ship it. You can pick it up from us, or we can install it for you.

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Minn Kota ULTERRA 112/US2/iPilot-BT 60″/152cm/36V

Minn Kota ULTERRA 112/US2/iPilot-BT 60″/152cm/36V:

The new i-Pilot and i-Pilot link bluetooth remotes! Larger screens, better features,
Bluetooth connection and a smartphone app for Android and iOS, makes the renewed system
To a must-have.

Bluetooth enables compatibility with the new i-Pilot® and i-Pilot® Link™ systems featuring redesigned remotes and reinvented Spot-Lock, the most accurate electronic GPS anchor ever and also extends trolling motor controls to a phone app.


    Automatic lowering & Reversal
Ulterra is super easy to use. You can lower the motor automatically with the associated iPilot (or iPilot-LINK) remote control or the new foot pedal into the water or catch up from the water.

Once your engine ready for use in the water, you can simply modify the associated iPilot (or iPilot-LINK) remote control or foot pedal their new conditions the immersion depth.
Again, something that relieves you of Ulterra and they can focus on fishing.

Foot pedal control with a plurality of functions:
A brief heel / toe-control autopilot on / off variable speed control mode Momentary constant switch steer left / Trim up steer right / Trim down reduction / reversal Electronic anchor

IPilot remote control (or iPilot LINK depending on model)

   Digital Maximizer System
Precise, smooth fine tuning of the speed. This extended at any speed below the maximum speed of travel time on a single charge up to 5 times.

What are iPilot or iPilot-LINK?
Both are based on GPS control systems for the Minn Kota Bugmotoren with unique features. The iPilot-LINK communicates with Humminbird Combo devices (Fishfinder and GPS Chartplotter) with an Ethernet connection.

Functions (iPilot / iPilot-LINK)

    Spot-Lock / Electronic anchor (iPilot: 6 | iPilot LINK: 16 or 2500)
This function works like an electronic anchor and keep your boat GPS controlled at the selected point.
Depending on weather, wind and current, you will never drift away.
The iPilot-LINK telling your Minn Kota Bowthruster on the drift, the then reliably again returns to this point.

Automatic control of stored-spot Locks
Advanced autopilot function (price correction in “Advanced” mode)
i tracks GPS routes / route recording up to 3.2km per route (iPilot: 6 | iPilot LINK: 16 and 50)
Automatic shut-recorded routes
Automatic control of stored routes
Speed ​​Control – Cruise control
Micro-compatible remote control

Only iPilot-LINK

  • Network compatible with Humminbird Ethernet Combo Unit of Series Helix, Solix and Apex
  • Automatic shut-recorded routes from above Humminbird Combo devices
  • Automatic shutdown / consequences of deep lines, also added, in conjunction with Auto Chart

Technical Specifications:

  • 36 Volt
  • with integrated dual-beam transducer
  • foot remote control
  • Battery indicator on i-Pilot remote control
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Shaft length: 152 cm
  • Max. Ampere consumption: 52
  • Max. Thrust: 50.8 kp, 112 lbs,  49.8 daN
  • Power in watts: 1872
  • 16,3 kg
  • Ideal for a boat weighing up to 2300 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • Minn Kota Ulterra 112 / US2 / i-Pilot, 152 cm shaft with Bluetooth interface
  • Minn Kota i-Pilot remote control Bluetooth
  • Minn Kota Heading Sensor direction sensor
  • Minn Kota foot pedal for Ulterra
  • operation manual



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