Minn Kota TERROVA 55/US2/iPilot Link-BT 54″/137cm/12V


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Minn Kota TERROVA 55/US2/iPilot Link-BT 54″/137cm/12V

Minn Kota TERROVA 55/US2/iPilot Link-BT 54″/137cm/12V:

The Minn Kota Terrova 55 bow-motor with i-Pilot, but without foot pedal and US2 sonar, but with Bluetooth. You control the Terrova with the i-Pilot remote control. Certain functions can also be controlled with the i-Pilot mobile app.

Minn Kota Terrova 55 bow engine

  • Lift assist decreases with engine deployment/retrieval
  • Complete with the new Bluetooth I-Pilot and the new heading sensor.
  • Improved GPS receiver. Software algorithm redesigned
  • Active Spot-Lock (no drift needed to switch). Spot-Lock now actively holds the boat in place and does not wait for it to drift out of the circle. Spot-Lock works as an electronic anchor holding the boat exactly in place with the push of a button. Automatically corrects for wind, current and waves. Spot-Lock function offers the possibility to go back to a saved Spot-Lock.

Jog function on Minn Kota Terrova 55 with i-Pilot

With the boat stationary on a Spot-Lock or Waypoint, the JOG fe allows you to move 1.5 meters in any direction, and automatically land on a new Spot-Lock. Jog Keys: Left Right Backward Forward. Press twice to move another 1.5 meters. The JOG function only works with the heading sensor coupled to an I-Pilot. Thanks to the very user-friendly release/locking handle and the special guide hooks on the in and retrieval device, you can effortlessly tilt your Terrova bow motor in and out of the water. Also, the motor turns off automatically in the horizontal storage position.

Equipment Minn Kota Terrova 55 with i-Pilot

The Terrova is equipped with an ergonomically shaped, electric and precise foot pedal (compact, waterproof (IP68), with which your feet take over the steering process, leaving your hands free for more important things.

Digital Maximizer™ is standard with almost infinitely variable speed control (20 steps)

Run i-Pilot®. The Terrova is standard equipped with a battery voltage meter with 4 LEDs that shows the capacity.

Note: this version does NOT have a foot pedal and US2 sonar built in.

Brief technical specifications

  • Thrust 55 lbs
  • Bow engine mounting
  • Shaft length: 137
  • Weedles Wedge 2 Screw
  • Composite shaft
  • Digital Maximizer


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