Lunker City 3.25″ Shaker 8.5cm


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Lunker City 3.25″ Shaker 8.5cm

Lunker City 3.25″ Shaker 8.5cm: The Lunker City Shaker Swimbait is the product of several years of designing, prototyping, tank testing, field-testing and design tweaking. Offering one of the best tail actions on the market today, the Shaker Swimbait is molded from a extra-durable yet pliable plastic. Formulated for the rigors of salt water fishing, it’s still soft enough to produce the subtle tail shimmy that makes freshwater fish respond. The 4.5″ Shaker Swimbait is designed to mate perfectly with the Lunker City Grip Jig Head4/0 hook series, while the 3.25″ marries up with the 2/0 hook series. The Shaker Swimbait’s tail action is extremely unique. Besides it’s wobbling tail, the Shaker Swimbait features an action that causes the whole body to “swim” with a side-to-side roll, maximizing the shimmy of the tail. Available in a variety of colors to match the forage in your local waters, the Lunker City Shaker Swimbait offers the performance that serious anglers demand.

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