Lunker City 3″ HellGies 8cm


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Lunker City 3″ HellGies 8cm: Perfect for heavily pressured waters, the Lunker City Hellgie gives the illusion of a small, live aquatic creature to help anglers trigger more strikes in the toughest conditions. Featuring multiple, small side legs, as well as, two long appendages, the Hellgie produces a seductive quivering action with the slightest movements of the rod tip. It is a great choice for a variety of applications, including drop shots and split shots, and it also does equally well as a flip bait or jig trailer.

Made from Lunker City’s signature blend of soft, yet durable plastic, it delivers a incredible action without sacrificing the ability to withstand multiple strikes. Available in a range of natural color schemes, the Lunker City Hellgie has what it takes to finesse even the most finicky fish into biting.


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