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The JARO-BT30.36 lithium iron phosphate battery weighs approximately 10.5kg and is an ideal power source for 36V trolling motors. This 30Ah battery replaces our previous model, the JARO-BT25.36. Neither the model nor the technology has changed. However, it now contains 20% more energy without a price increase. The secret lies in the cells. The size, shape, and origin of the cells have also not changed. But now, the manufacturer is able to pack 20% more energy into them.

Always two or more of these batteries must be paralleled because a single battery cannot provide enough power for a strong 36V motor. Why choose this relatively small model then? The great advantage of paralleling two batteries is that they are easier to place in smaller spaces and thus the weight can be better distributed. Also, an expansion from 60Ah to 90Ah can easily be achieved by adding a third battery in parallel.

Of course, this battery is also equipped with BT technology, allowing you to monitor everything happening inside your battery with the JAROCELLS App for Android and iOS.

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Weight 9,9 kg
Dimensions 31,8 × 16,5 × 21,5 cm


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