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Jaro-BT100.36: The JARO-BT100.36 proves its strength every day in the many boats that already sail around with one or more of these powerhouses. This service battery of 37.7 kg provides continuous power from full to empty and is comparable in practice to 6 AMG12V100Ah lead batteries of 30 kg each (total 180 kg).
The battery has BT technology with which you can read everything that happens in your battery on your smartphone.
For the installation of this type of battery in your boat, we give you tailor-made advice without obligation. Do you have 12V, 24V or 36V equipment on board and do you have chargers, inverters or alternators, we can provide a suitable solution for everything. We have already completed many successful projects with very satisfied customers.

The dimensions of this battery are 520x269x220 mm (weight 37.7 kg)


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