Effzett Natural Perch 14cm – 35g

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Effzett Natural Perch 14cm – 35g

Effzett Natural Perch 14cm – 35g: The EFFZETT® Natural Perch is most likely the best and most detailed Perch imitating swimbait ever made. Using the latest scanning technology and software allowed us to create a soft lure swimbait that has all body features a real perch also has. But we didn’t stop there, we also looked at how a real perch is moving in the water and adjusted the swimming action to be as natural as could be – absolutely deadly for every predator. The incredibly stable swimming action and the slow sink rate allow a wide window of retrieve speeds and make this swimbait absolutely versatile and extremely easy to fish. To increase the hookup and landing rate the ultra-sharp FZ treble is moving freely below the belly of the lure and is equipped with a swivel that allows 360° rotation of the lure making it practically impossible for the fish to use the lure as lever to pull out the hook. This lure is not only triggering more strikes it will also land more fish!
• Realistic body shape and features
• Extremely natural swimming action
• Hard ABS inner harness with soft outer body (mesh reinforced)
• Slow sink rate
• Ultra-sharp EFFZETT treble


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