Black Cat Buster LTL 30


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Black Cat Buster LTL 30

Black Cat Buster LTL 30: The introduction of the Black Cat Buster offers catfish anglers a universal multiplier reel at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The housing is milled entirely from aluminium, providing a low weight of just 780 grams. The finely adjustable disc drag allows perfect drag setting during a fight as well as controlled line release when presenting your rigs. With a line capacity of 350 m/0.5 mm, the Buster perfectly covers all aspects of modern catfish angling. The high gear ratio of 6.1:1 and line retrieval of 110 cm also allow fish that bite at long distances to be steered quickly and powerfully into closer range. The Buster multiplier features a very loud clicker, which immediately alerts the angler to line removal with an unmistakable noise when a large catfish bites.


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