Airrus 1.89m Stargate Vertical Interceptor 7-35g

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Airrus 1.89m Stargate Vertical Interceptor 7-35g

Airrus 1.89m Stargate Vertical Interceptor 7-35g: Airrus Stargate. Made of future: 4 years of development for an unprecedented rod. Airrus decided to change the rules again, using a technology currently applied in military industry: We did it by covering the area of ​​greatest stress with an unique type of carbon fiber. The result is unconventional power.

We called it 1K Carbon Layered Shield. Each Cm2 of the blank section from the handle to the stripper guide counts 1.000 carbon filaments. The Shield gives an unmatchable hook setting and dragging power and it will provide a never seen fighting energy thanks to a very low deformation under load. The Magma technology features a new type of pre-preg with unusual characteristics. The tests showed surprising results in terms of blank lightness, torsional and compression resistance.

The efficiency of this new type of material is based on its polyacrylonitrile resin that optimizes the carbon fiber features. Handle and sensitivity. The new Megaphone Handle II will feel quicker and better any light bite and every lure motion on the bottom, because it expands the vibrations coming from the line more and better than any other old concept handle style. It’s totally custom and it’s 100% made of Carbon fiber assembled without using sound absorbing or vibrations dampening materials.

Reel seats and guides.

We designed a new nylon-graphite reel seat to totally expose the blank and to align as much as possible the hand to the ideal line of the guides, to give a never seen before casting precision. Additionally, we perfected our own raised guide system – first in the fishing industry – and wrapped the Stargate with the 2nd generation of these extraordinary guides. The ZDH and ZH guides are the result of the close cooperation with Kigan and are the best choice for sensitivity, low weight and line endurance.

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